Thunder Trucks 3rd Birthday

If you havent read this book yet then order it asap because it’s seriously the best night time toddler book. This is my second favorite party theme this year I have planned. Why? Because no one else has done it. When you try to Pinterest ideas and nothing comes up you better believe I’m in on that party theme!

WE created a custom backdrop with balloons and a giant cut out of the bday girls favorite character from the book.

Custom wooden cut outs of the characters from the book.

Donuts from Liberation Kitchen. We had a kid with allergies and Liberation Donuts has a dedicated vegan and nut free kitchen.

Breakfast boards from the best, Now Boarding.

Muse Coffee creates their own homemade syrups and they are so yummy!

Birthday hugs! Yes please!

Custom cookies from the amazing Ashley from FolkMade.

Each guest took home their own copy of the book.

Happy Clients are the best!

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