Old School Carnival Fun

No one can have a bad day at the carnival! Who remembers playing carnival games at their school fundraiser? This event is giving me old school flash backs. I used to love the fish in a cup game until I found out that it actually scares the fish pretty much to death. No fish game here but we did create some old school fun for the sweetest birthday boy.

You all this was the easiest game to make. Simply go to Michaels and grab some card stock. Empty out canned veggies or beans and wrap the card stock around the can. Place on a table with some baseballs and you have an old school Carnival game.

Every carnival needs an entry moment!

I originally had this planned as its own moment but we changed its location at the end. And yes, I know the sign is crooked, I fixed it after I took the photo 🙁

You know when you have an idea in your head but really aren’t sure how it’s going to turn out? Well this turned out WAY better than I thought. It’s quite possibly my favorite balloon backdrop of August!

We ended up moving the “concessions” to be next to the backdrop. I think it looks great!

This game gives me all the bozo buckets vibes. AND its’s super cheap (and quick) to make. I simply grabbed a scrap of wood in my garage and cut it a little shorter. Then I painted it blue, and screwed some dollar store buckets onto the wood and added a vinyl number to each bucket. you could use ping pong balls or these mini waffle balls I found at Target.

This game took a little longer to make and it was a pain to carry but I think it’s pretty fun! WE used some more wood scraps and nailed sides and a back onto it so we could weigh it down with sandbags. The secret here is to get the angle right. Then Dollar tree baskets were screwed onto the front panel and then finished it off with a vinyl sign.

This game was probably one of my favorite Carnival Games. I loved pulling those silly little duck for a prize. WE made this more of a matching game. Or as the bday boy called it Duck matching 😉 Each duck had a number on the bottom and you had to pick up two ducks and find a pair to win.

“Prizes” aka favors. Honestly it was too hot out to display these so they had to go inside so they didn’t get their photo moment. BUT.. if you are in Chicago, Jen makes the cutest candy favors.

Partial Event Plan/Backdrop @weeventschicago

Games @WeEventsChciago
Balloon Arch @anna.decor.art
Favors @popofcolor_jen

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