Best of 2023: Chicago Vendors

As an event planner I know the importance of vendors. They can make or break an event. Having vendors that are good at their job, great with clients, on time, creative and reliable are ESSENTIAL to success. These are my Chicago vendors that have gone ABOVE & BEYOND for me/WE over the past year and I thank them from the bottom of my event loving heart.

BEST OF BARTENDERS: Rob from The Tiny Bar Company

I have no words for how good Rob’s drinks are, not to mention his exceptional client interactions. Every.single.client. raves about it! Every.single. one. Enough said!

BEST OF DJ’S: Dj Spin from Dj Firm

Full disclosure, Dj Spin was not my first choice working with the Dj Firm. Big mistake. HUGE mistake. She’s the best Dj I have worked with. She’s fun, she reads the room, smiles the whole freaking night and plays the best music!! I loved her so much at one of my clients events that I had her DJ a personal event of mine this summer.

BEST OF CAKES: A Little Frosting Bake Shop

Fun fact: I met Becca during the pandemic when events died and I had just started doing balloons. She found me somehow…probably IG and reached out for a weird themed balloon garland for her husband. I couldn’t forget her because I was stumped on how to make a knight themed balloon garland on her stairs. (Granted now I have tons of ideas). When I went to install we got to talking and she told me she was a pastry chef and if I ever needed sweets for my clients to let her know. I tried her out and the rest is history. She now creates all my clients sweets and we even became friends!


Give Nick any item and the guy can find a way to make it out of balloons. Of everything I have seen him create this raccoon takes the cake.


Working with Kaja at Stage Factor on entertainment is seamless. She has tons of ideas from themes, to makeup to costumes. We worked with her last year on a 40th bday party (see surprise 40th dance party blog) and her dancers MADE the whole event! I can not recommend Stage Factor enough for all your entertainment needs.


In full honesty most of my event career I have not been a huge linens person. I’d prefer a wooden table or cool metal table anyday over linens. BUT… since being introduced to BBJ (thanks Lauren from Stunning and Brilliant events) I have really started to LOVE linens. An upgraded linen can really transform an event. BBJ is my go to for linens as they are easy to work with, reliable and their account reps are very good at suggesting colors/patterns for events.


I can’t remember how I met Amanda from Now Boarding but I know she’s been with me since the beginning. Her food is amazing and beautiful styled. My daughter begs for her homemade hummus at all of our personal events.


This one may come as a surprise since I do balloons as well. However, for anyone new to WE EVENTS, balloons were supposed to only be our pandemic pivot. I stared WE EVENTS as an event planning company and when the pandemic hit, pivoted to balloons. As I transition back to mostly event planning, Anna is my go to balloon decor. She rocks every event I gave her last year and is the most reliable vendor I know. And between me and you all… she’s actually better at balloons than I am 😉

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