Pinterest Holiday Party

What a positive holiday season! One of my favorite projects of 2023 was creating and decorating for the @pinterest holiday party at the Chicago office. Scroll down for some of the fun elements and some fun facts on this install.


The branding for the event!


First up was our month long interactive play activation and photo backdrop using the custom branding from @melissalikessushi . This experience created an uplifting and playful area where staff could walk into the office and smile. My personal favorite part of this project was these custom 3d characters.

This was my favorite of the 3 characters from the branding. WE had these characters custom fabricated and personally I think they turned out amazing. All three of them will live at the Pinterest Chicago office indefinitely.

Our original mock up – WE changed it a bit last min and added the characters and took out the pom trees.


This was the last part of our install and was only up for the day of the event. WE designed and fabricated these super fun angled arches that served as the entry way to @Pinterest Chicago holiday party! We love the bright colors and layers that make entering the event a fun and happy experience. Oh and you can’t forget the third custom 3d character that welcomes the guests. This light bulb was a fan favorite with the Pinterest staff but personally the roller skater was my fav.


We were told pom poms and “sparkle” needed to be included everywhere in our designs. We created this centerpiece out of left over poms, gold vases and dried Craspedia(which is actually my favorite flower).

The amount of pom poms I bought for this event was unreal. If any of you ever need Pom poms, this is the person to order them from. Maggie from Digital Handmade Designs was super helpful and so fast. Seriously I don’t know how she hand made all these poms in my short turnaround time. Best poms I have ever seen!

Since we had a very specific color palate I couldn’t find anyone to make me pom pom pillows so I sewed them myself and let me tell you I think I may be the slowest sewer in the world. These 4 pillows probably took me 3 hours to make.

Since the characters in the branding were so unique and playful I wanted to be able to include them as much as I could. I highly recommend the company All About Vibe if you’re looking for custom pillows.

Tree Details: Custom Pinterest ornaments, pom ornaments and a whimsical star garland. I can’t even tell you how many times I stabbed myself stringing those garlands. I had lots of people ask how to make the star garland. All you need is a star or any shape ball pit “balls”, a giant needle and fishing line. Easy peasy!

This was one of my favorite elements. Custom wrapping paper! Fun fact: I actually hate wrapping presents so while I LOVED this paper I did not enjoy wrapping all the fake presents. There are tons of custom wrapping paper companies out there. I needed up using this company as the editing tools seemed to be the most user friendly for me and they offered the paper in rolls vs sheets.

One of the biggest things I wish I could have done was light these trees up. But there was not an outlet anywhere close by. Oh well, they still created a happy and positive vibe. Plus…. WE love when our clients incorporate giving back into the holidays (or anyday) and look at all the toys that were donated for their Toy Drive!


The linens were custom made to match the background of the branding (scroll up to see branding image).

Since the branding was about texture and a sensory experience we created these hanging “chandeliers” in different sizes and lengths. Then we added some hanging circles with Pinner “love notes”.

Creating these chandeliers is very time consuming. This part of the project probably took the most amount of hours. Huge thanks to my daughter who needed a “a way to make Christmas money and strung 3/4 of these for me. 🙂

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